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What’s Andara BI?

Balanced Scorecard

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The business intelligence dashboard for every business leader

All your relevant key performance indicators in the same platform.
For entrepreneurs, small business, consultants, accountants, executives...
Identify what’s happening with your company with an infographic dashboard displayed by colors, simple enough...? Gain control of all your finances, customers, processes and human resources.

Available on Web and Mobile

Access your dashboard... with your web browser or with an android or iOS mobile device.

Manage your company’s performance
anywhere, anytime.

andara balanced scorecard
Andara for android or iOS is the perfect complement to the web app for a versatile scorecarding platform.

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Sync your dashboard data with excel template

Reports for your dashboard and balanced scorecard

Duplicate a dashboard

Edit performance gauge colors

Create a balanced scorecard in the web app by editing dashboards


Create your own dashboard with minimal knowledge of balanced scorecards or KPIs.

No Implementations...


Save money from expensive software implementations and months of dedication to configure the system.

With Andara BI, a few hours is all it takes and you will have your balanced scorecard dashboard ready to start managing your company more efficiently. If you need or prefer a custom implementation...we will do it.

Minimal knowledge of balanced scorecards...
No need to be an expert


Business Intelligence?, KPIs? Balanced Scorecards?, O my... Don´t worry, Andara BI is simple and gives you the tools you need for results.

Andara BI uses green, yellow, and red colors to dashboard an infographic to easily identify the status of each indicator at a glance. Simple enough, right? We can guide you step by step through the entire process of identifying indicators, applying relations to each indicator, categorizing them, and updating real and target values.

Predefined Templates
By Industry and by Role


Not sure which indicators are the ones that you need to measure for your specific business?

Our "Marketplace" contains predefined templates to help in the initial setup, select your industry and role, you will have the most relevant indicators to measure your business.

Collaboration online
All on the same page


No more reports in different formats, no more excel files shared by email with infinite versions and iterations.

You can share your dashboards and discuss an indicator or an objective right in Andara BI. All your decision making users are able to visualize the same indicators from the same dashboard.

Secure data
SSL secure protocol


The servers where the data resides are protected by security encryption protocols.

Export your reports to PDF


Your reports in seconds, without relying on the IT department for changes or configurations. Export to PDF with a single click and share timely information immediately.

Our vision
Commoditize the use of Business Intelligence for every sized company, across all verticals and horizontals in every market to simplify business strategy and performance management.

The use of business intelligence systems should not be limited to large scale enterprise operations, Andara BI is a business intelligence solution for all types of companies and individuals to make implementing a balanced scorecard and KPI dashboard easy for improved decision making.

Existing business intelligence software requires costly implementations and takes quite a duration of time to realise a ROI. Andara BI provides the user just what is required from a digital solution to improve management of their business’ strategy and performance.

andara balanced scorecard

A subscription plan for every company

Adjusted to your specific needs, don’t pay for what you don’t need from goliath software providers.

Small/Medium Companies

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  • Balanced Scorecard preloaded dashboard templates
  • Integrate data with .xls file uploads
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Secured data safe in the cloud hosted servers
  • Mobile App access graphic dashboards and collaborative features
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Large Companies

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  • A plan for 10 Users
  • Balanced Scorecard preloaded dashboard templates
  • Integrate data using .xls file uploads
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Secured data safe in the cloud hosted servers
  • Mobile App access graphic dashboards and collaborative features
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Corporations and Governments

  • Unlimited Users
  • Consultancy optional
  • Integrate data using .xls file uploads
  • Customization with your brand and company logo
  • Secured data on cloud servers with optimized performance
  • Service includes Maintenance and Support

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Affiliate Programs
for consultants and integrators

Differeniate your business by offering your clients the perfect balanced scorecard solution in addition to your consulting services.


To Advisors, Consultants, ... our affiliate programs allow professional service firms to recommend Andara BI to new customers or implement into their current customers.

Fees: From day one receive commission from all customers who subscribe through you. Get access to our affiliates portal to track the commissions and banners to use on your website.

Become a trusted affiliate of Andara BI.

Affiliate OEM

For integrators: If you're looking to go one step further and include Andara BI in your existing software products, combine to provide a unique package, this is the program you need.

Full support: we will help you to reduce integration time and cost integrations for large companies that need to extract data from various sources and customize their balanced scorecard dashboards.

Working together to optimize implementations.

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